André Thiele, better known as NDUA, is a young producer from Germany. He started to produce music early on. Using various pseudonyms, he first got involved in techno music, which led to the development of several pieces within the genre. It was his father who inspired him to go another direction concerning his musical progress – and so he moved towards Deep House. Throughout this change, he was primarily influenced by the songs of the 80s and 90s. It was time to put words into action and his debut EP 'Words & Numbers' earned him recognition for the first time in 2015. His EP 'L I F E' followed in mid 2016 and NDUA has become a name in the Deep House scene. He reached 100.000 streams with his song 'Memories' for the first time. In January 2017, André signed his song 'Memories' to one of the leading record labels in that scene, 'Deep Sounds'. Till now, the song got played nearly a million times with over 500.000 of them being on Spotify. In early 2017, NDUA released his EP 'Forgive' which got support from well known artists like Fabich and WHTKD. In 2018, he released his song "This Love" which gathered 100.000 Streams in just two months. Later on, the song was added to the "Martin Garrix Show" Playlist on Spotify. Looking into the future, he is going to be engaged in Deep House moving forward.


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